Founded in 1945, Wyoming's Casper College is the largest and most comprehensive community college in the region. The campus hosts 27 buildings located on 125 acres.

Typical of a campus this age, the building automation system is comprised of mutliple automation systems using different technologies and manufacturers.

eLogic, Inc. has provided a System Integration solution for the campus using Richards-Zeta perfectHost software and Mediator technologies. Integration has allowed for the melding of differnet building automation systems and sub-systems including BAS, life safety, security, and lighting control systems that reside on the Internet/IT Network using native TCP/IP Protocol, HTTP, HTML and XML.

The RZ perfectHost front end allow for graphical programming of all systems thus uniting and simplifying the integration process and migration to openess.

The college replacement costs were vastly reduced by integrating the existing JCI and Tridium BAS systems at the terminal level.